4 Rewarding Pre-Launch Strategies for Your iPhone App Launch

Proper synchronisation between the iOS app development process and marketing strategy is essential for ensuring its long-term sustainability. Many iOS applications get launched every single day and thus, it is tough to secure the top place on App Store rankings. Not all well-built apps get the scope to gain a steady number of downloads and loyal customers. Thus, an effective marketing strategy is also required for launching it successfully and uphold its performance consistently.

Following here are some of the most revenue-driven marketing strategies for your iOS app.

Create Your Official Account on Social Media Networks

Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest serve as a great platform for promoting the app as it will get greater attention. Thus, it is important to create an official account for all these social media platforms. Furthermore, you can include links to its promo site in account details. The key focus is to boost your app’s visibility in the App Store and fetch a good number of downloads.

Offer discounts on Downloads

It is a workable choice to offer attractive discounts on the iOS app downloads. Discount and offers have always been the proven way in attracting a larger section of the audience. Noticeably, there are many apps in the App Store that greatly help in promoting the discounted app. As recommended by experts, it is one of the most effective iOS pre-launch marketing strategies which, help in boosting downloads.

Start blogging

Blogging plays a big role not only help in grabbing the interest of your app among the target audience but, also help as an integral voice of communication to solidify it. While providing relevant content to the customers, it helps in boosting more search visibility. Thus offer quality content, target keywords and links to other industry influencers for improving search engine rankings of your website.

Give importance to Email Marketing

Email marketing often gets overlooked because of the huge impact of social media in the world of marketing. Though, it is pretty critical to collect the relevant set of email addresses and build the email list. Whether via landing pages, Twitter cards or other types of comparable tools, you must capture the addresses and grow the list. Email marketing is surely a powerful source as it connects to a wider section of the audience.

To make your iOS app successful and revenue-driven, thorough research and knowledge on latest updates is necessary. Thus, keep note of this pre-launch marketing list to help your app in emerging as the next big thing of App Store and gain a good number of downloads.

Source by Rob Stephen

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