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Will AtHome America be a fit for you as a home party consultant? AtHome America was founded by two sisters, Lisa Brandau and Becky Wright. The company began with the name ‘The Country Peddlers’. The company first began in 1982 after searching all over the country to different country stores for various home decorating accessories. The two sisters loved home decorating products which led them on their journey to their first store opening.

The Country Peddlers store was filled with various home decorating items such as, candles, frames, tabletop items, storage products, vases, baskets, and kitchenware to name a few. They have items priced for anyone and everyone starting from $3.99 to $99.99. These are attractive and good quality home decorating products.

AtHome America is a fast growing company that led them to open a second and third store.This company is continually growing and is now a direct sales company, with a lot to offer. With the growth and the start of direct sales, offering home based business opportunities, the two sisters sold their stores and their new business adventure started to expand in 1991. In 2002 Becky and Lisa decided to change the name of their company to ‘AtHome America’ as their direct selling and the expansion or their product line grew, they had so much to offer everyone they decided to change the name.

To join this business is rather inexpensive as you can purchase your start up kit for $1 which contains $500 of product and $100 of supplies. You may purchase the start up kit for a $1 plus shipping and handling and sales tax with three $300 home shows or $1,000 in sales in your first 35 days. If you do this you will also receive a $100 gift certificate. You will also receive 25% on commissions from the start.

You can start to build your down line by recruiting at your home shows as a consultant. The company will offer free product and discounts depending on the sales you receive at the home parties. Let the people at your show know about what they can earn by hosting a home show or as a consultant. As your down line builds you will be able to profit from residual income.

AtHome America with a big heart worked with Extreme Home Makeover and donated thousands of dollars to help families in need. This is not only a good strong growing company with a lot to offer, but also has a big heart. This company offers a fund raising program to organizations such as church groups, girl scouts, sports teams, schools and many more. The fund raising group will sell candles in jars with 6 different scents. The group will receive 50% of the $10 sale price of each and every jar candle sold. AtHome America has online catalogs for people to be able to shop from home. If you would like to host a book party instead of a home party or show, that is available to you too.

AtHome America is a good quality and solid business to have as a home based business. So you might want to give some consideration to being a home party consultant for a continually growing company as this one. Give some thought to maybe working from home whether it be AtHome America or some other online business that would fit into your life.

Source by Charlene E Stien

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