How to Earn Money with eBay Affiliate Program – Free Tutorial

For anyone starting out as an affiliate marketer, I believe that the easiest to start is to promote products for eBay. Here I will explain what you need to do to earn money with eBay affiliate program. There are three things you need: niche, website and time to promote.

This business can actually be started for free and you do not have to invest any money into any software to make money. But I believe the investment into software and hosting is better.

But like I said, you can make money without investment. There are companies such as that will actually share profits of their AdSense, and eBay and amazon modules with you. Their one page type of blog site is totally free and you can customize it and add text and description as much as you want to. Being that they share profits with you, your earnings of eBay will not be huge, but without investment it is still a good deal. Again I believe that investment into the software is better, and let me explain how much that is and why I think so.

This is truly a low cost business it requires about $150 investment initially and about $50 to maintain per month. $97 is if for a build a niche stores software and that is one time fee. I pay ten dollars for hosting a month and that is for unlimited stores, and the cost of domain is anywhere between 10-20 dollars. Why is this software so good? Because you can create unlimited stores with it, but the goal is to create 10-15 max within a same niche market because it is easier to promote them and cross promote.

A website without a promotion is nothing. I personally do not pay for my traffic, I get it the free way, but that requires time, and I spend around 20 hours a week on that. The sites are easy to build, the promotion is where it gets hard. I told you earlier it is better to invest into the software, just because if you are going to spend all of that time promoting your sites, you probably want to keep 100% profits. And if done right, your investment can come back to you within 30 days.

The only requirement or technical experience needed for this is to know how to upload files to your server and how to create basic html code, trust me, I am not a technical person at all and I have 4 profitable sites.

Having said all of this, you can really earn money with eBay affiliate program, you just need to know how to do all of that. If you do not know how, you can get a free eBay affiliate training. There are people who earn thousands per month with eBay affiliate program, it just takes time to get there.

Source by Ivana Bosnjak

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